Body Shaming

Body Shaming- What is it & How to deal with it?

Have you ever body shamed yourself and complained about how fat/slim/ugly/huge you look and that you don’t look ‘good enough’?

Have you ever been body-shamed by someone else about your appearance and you felt terrible and low on self-worth after that?

I would like to know about your experiences with body shaming in the comments below and how you dealt with it.

What is Body Shaming?

Body Shaming

Body shaming is when we deliberately criticize our bodies or are criticized by someone else and lower our own self-worth. It is a very unhealthy practice but still, people do that. (Sigh!)

In this era of modernization where beauty standards usually mean being size zero, having abs, having perfect hair (basically a perfect body in every sense) people who feel that they do not match with those unattainable body standards, gather an inferiority complex and low self-esteem. Do you feel the same about yourself? Comment below!!

Who is more prone to Body-Shaming?

Body Shame

Usually, adolescents are often found doing this because they believe that that’s how you can gain the ‘attention’ of others. People who body shame others, gather this inhumane power over someone else’s body and believe it to be their right to comment about other’s appearances. (Nobody should have the right to discourage you or your body, not even you should do that to yourself)

And people who are the victims of body shaming or criticize themselves, are usually the ones who have been told that they don’t look ‘good enough’ and they started believing it.

How to move towards Body Positivity?

Body Positivity

Confront people- If you are a victim of Body shaming, then confront people who knowingly or unknowingly criticize your appearance and tell them how it really makes you feel.

Start liking the parts that you admire about yourself- If you victimize your own self, then start loving the parts that you admire about yourself. It’s not necessary that it should be physical, it can be your loving nature, generous behavior, your talent to sing/write/dance/skate, or anything else.

Be vocal about your strengths- Start repeating positive affirmations to yourself about yourself. Be vocal and feel those words when you say it to yourself. It will strengthen your inner voice.

If you’ll not love or defend yourself, then who will? Just love yourself as you are. You are beautiful/handsome in your own way.

You are UNIQUE. Don’t change that about yourself, because that’s what makes you, YOU.

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