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For my next blog in the “Not so cliché career” series, here are some alternative career options for students having commerce with maths in their 12th standard. If you have missed out on my first two blogs, here are the links to them.

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Well, apart from Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor in Commerce (B. Com), here are some other career options for you.

 10 Career Options for Commerce with Maths

1. Bachelor in Law (LLB)

Now, this course has two options. Either you can do their 5-year course and gain a degree of (BA LLB). Or if you have already pursued some bachelor course and are confused about what to do next, you can always go for LLB. But then it’ll be 6 years (# years normal graduation+ 3 years LLB)

But the law is a good career option if you think that you have an interest in the political and judicial system of your country and you don’t want to opt for Bachelor in Commerce.

2. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

          If you think of yourself in a managerial role someday, you feel that you have that quality to manage tasks, situations, and people, then you should research more on this course.

This is a 3-year course and deals with the subject of Management, accounting, Auditing, E-Commerce, IT, Banking, and Insurance.

3. Journalism/ Mass Communication (BJMC)

Do you have an interest in the entertainment industry or like to interview people, write for them, or just be surrounded in their company? Then this course is for you.

One can find a plethora of career paths in this domain. Here are some of the top programs for those who want to make a career in Journalism: 

a) Bachelor of Journalism

b) Sports Journalism

c) Masters in Mass Communication

d) MBA in Communication

e) Bachelors in Mass Communication 

f) BSc in Journalism 

4. Company Secretary

This course is somewhat related to that of a lawyer, but the only difference is that a company secretary handles the legal work for a corporate company. The duties of Company Secretary also include promoting brand equity, formulating business policies, conducting internal audits, raising funds form markets, etc. 

If this description interests you, then you should go for this course!

5. Bachelor in Foreign Trade

Foreign trade is all about import, export, supply chain management, global trading, and study about the international marketplace.

This is a 3-year long course and if you have a keen interest in gathering knowledge about the market, then you should pursue this course. To enhance your knowledge about foreign trade, even more, you can then go for a Masters in Foreign trade as well.

6. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is very wide and if you are a traveler at heart or just have enough knowledge or want to gain more knowledge about this, then go for this course. Some courses in this field include-

a) BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

b) Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management

c) BA in Travel and Tourism

 7. Bachelor in Event Management

If you like to organize events or manage an event, then try out this course. Like tourism management, event management is also job oriented and mostly 3-year long course.

Some courses include-

a) BBA in Event Management

b) Bachelor of Event Management

c) BA in Event Management

8. Bachelor in Hotel Management

If how the hotel industry works fascinate you, then pursue this course. This course has a duration of 3 years and includes a variety of job profiles from being a manager in a hotel to a chef. This course includes-

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Technology

a) Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production

b) BBA in Hotel Management

c) Bachelor of Catering Management

d) BA in Culinary Arts

e) BA in Hotel Management

9. Retail Management

This program imparts extensive knowledge of various facets of Marketing, Sales, Production, Storage, etc. To train the students to handle retail outlets. Available across scores of universities, given below are some of the most opted courses in this field:

a) BBA in Retail Management

b) BA in Retail Management 

c) MBA in Retail Management

10. Bachelor of Fine Arts

The course offers various specializations like in History, Social Science, Journalism, Political Science, Geography, English, etc. The duration of the degree can vary from 3 to 4 years based on the university and country one plans to join. Glance through the following list of some popular BA programs;

a) BA in Political Science

b) BA History

c) BA Geography

d) BA Sociology

e) BA Economics

f) BA in English Literature

Further, for those interested in delving deeper into the history of the arts and it’s diverse and interdisciplinary applications, Bachelor of Fine Arts is a great option. It deals with the study of visual and performing arts and encompasses varied specializations such as Applied Art, Animation, Film Studies, Print Making, Ceramics & Pottery, amongst others. After concluding this degree, you can choose from different career prospects like Teacher, Art Director, Illustrator, Actor, etc.

These are only some of the courses which you can pursue. You can always lookout for more. Just keep on searching and you’ll find your course soon!

All the best for your upcoming exams!

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Until then, live positively and happily!



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