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Career options for Arts & Humanities Students after 12th

Hey Gratisouls!! Welcome to another episode of ‘Not so cliché career’. And today we’ll talk about alternative career options for arts & humanities students. If you have missed out on previous blogs in this series, here’s a quick recap for you!!

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Now, let’s come to the arts and humanities. If you are currently in your 12th and are looking for alternative career options, then keep on reading this blog!!

 5 Best Career options for Arts & Humanities Students

1. B.A in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)

This course specializes in music, painting, dance, drawing, theatre, and film making. It is an undergraduate course that even science and commerce students can pursue.  As a study stream, it refers to the development of creative skills and thought-process in all the three sub-domains mentioned above.

In visual arts, the study involves developing one’s creative skills to create their pieces of visual art i.e. drawing, painting, sculptures, and others. The key sub-domains within the visual arts stream include:

1) Painting 2) Drawing

3) Sculpture 4) Photography

5) Conceptual arts 6) Architecture

7) Weaving 8) Fabrics

The study of performing arts covers domains such as music, acting, dancing, and theatre. Students will be involved in learning about the key techniques and skills required for performing arts. The key study domains within the performing arts stream include:

1) Music 2)Theatre

3) Dance 4) Singing

5) Acting 6) Comedy

7) Direction 8) Choreography

9) Editing 10) Martial art

The literary arts deal with the development of literary artworks i.e. books and novels. Writing and story-telling are the key skills one focuses upon while studying literary arts. The key specializations and domains in the literary arts domain include:

1) Poetry 2) Novel

3) Short stories 4) Epics

5) writing

2. Event Management-

In the present time, events have become a significant aspect of our lives – be it in the realm of music, TV, governmental issues, or sports – we are some way or the other engaged with a significant occurring. Seeking after a management course in the field will empower you to become fruitful event managers. It will assist you with building up the essential abilities in the field including event bidding, venture arranging, handling finance, and advertising for occasions. Today, there is a great deal of interest for event managers and picking a vocation in Event Management is a decent one on the off chance that you are anticipating investigating the field!

3. Popular Bachelor Courses

The popular Bachelor’s degree courses available for Arts stream students include:

B.A History

B.A in Geography

Bachelors in Political Science- A course that gives a reasonable knowledge into Indian political framework, ideas, political considerations, and constitution of different nations. The competitors who are trying for IAS can take up this course. This course will establish a framework for UPSC civil services examination.

B.A in Public Administration

Bachelors in English Literature

B.A in Economics-

This course will empower the understudies to comprehend the key ideas of the economy. The course will assist the students with understanding hypotheses through factual investigation. You can take up an MBA course after B.A. Economics, which will be an additional bit of leeway. You can also go for a Masters in Economics and become a lecturer/teacher.

B.A Sociology- On the off chance that you are quick to think about the general public and its useful viewpoints, B.A Sociology is a course that gives an understanding of how a general society works. The course will empower the understudies to recognize different social issues and sort out solutions for the same.

4. Bachelors in Journalism/ Bachelors in Mass Media

Today, the necessity of a skilled media workforce has expanded. Different channels are mushrooming in the current situation and the extension for getting placed is high. One can look for circumstances in media houses, news, radio broadcasts, advertisement offices, and so on.

This is a 3-year course with a broad scope for job opportunities and exploring yourself.

5. Bachelors in Hotel management

This is a 3-year course and this will assist the students with creating required abilities. This course focuses in the region of food production, housekeeping, front office activity, cooking, food and beverage management, and so forth. It is a standout amongst other business courses and the degree for getting placed at different hotels and restaurants is high.

All the best students for your upcoming exams!! Study well and don’t stress about your future. It’ll all be fine!! Just keep on going!!

Until then, live positively and happily!!



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