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Gratisoul has gone National!!

Hey Gratisouls!! So, I have an extremely amazing, awesome, incredible, unbelievable, fascinating, marvelous, etc. etc. (keep on adding the adjectives) news for y’all!! (because for me it’s a bigggggggggggg deal!!)

Are you ready for it?


So, about a month back I randomly e-mailed The Times of India (National Newspaper of India) to write blogs for their website!!

And 15 days back I got a reply (which I never expected TBH) and they asked me to send them my author Bio and all those formalities to sign the blogger’s license for them and etc. etc.

And then…

Times of India Newspaper

I mailed them everything and waited again for their e-mail. And soon after I received their final mail to accept the license agreement so that I can finally start writing blogs for them!!!!!!!!! (I just felt a little proud of myself at that moment!! #SelfLove)

So, I started thinking of a different topic to write about, because duh! It has to perfect in every sense. Although I have written more than 50 blogs now, still I felt kinda nervous to write this one blog. I felt that I am new at this and as if I am writing my first blog!! Anyhow, I wrote it, proof-read it at least 10 times, even told some of my friends and family members to read it and give me their suggestions on how I can improve it because I just wanted it to be a perfect start for such a big platform!! (Yeah, I can act like that kid in a class who is just too excited to exhibit their best traits in front of everyone for that round of applause that’ll accompany after that)

My First Blog for The Times Of India’s Website

The Times of India Newspaper

*DISCLAIMER* [The images used are for representation purpose only because my blog has been published on their website and not in their newspaper. So, don’t go on and find me in their newspaper yet. (Someday it might be published there too…)]

After I mailed them my final draft after proof-reading it at-least 50 times (I can become a nervous-wreck at times too!!) by myself and adding all the suggestions of my reviewers, I waited AGAIN. This time I was a bit nervous because I felt like that nervous kid waiting for their exam result. And within a few hours, I got a mail back from them, and voila! Gratisoul did it!! Gratisoul has gone National now!!!

So, presenting to my Gratisoul community, my first blog for The Times Of India’s website!!! I hope you’ll like it and feel a tad bit proud of your fellow Gratisoul because we are in it together!! Click on the link below…

Times Of India Blog-


Next goal- Gratisoul goes International (It feels like a small joke while I write it, but who knows, maybe Gratisoul might go International someday!! (Fingers Crossed)

I would like to hear about your views on my mini achievement too because my Gratisouls opinions matter!!

Apart from that, I upload a new video on my YouTube channel EVERY FRIDAY!! Are you following me there Gratisouls?

Follow the link to watch this video and comment there if you are taking a break from your life to refresh yourself or not?

Youtube channel-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6gWOlJlANg

Also, if you want to ask some life-related questions, you can chat with me by clicking on that side chat box and let’s bond over some positive vibes!!

Until then, live positively and happily!



Hey people! I am Karishma Verma but most people just call me Kaddie. I graduated in mid 2018. I am an engineer by profession and an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around myself amongst my people! I am a Gratisoul and would love to proliferate these upbeat vibes to folks across every possible age bracket. So, let’s begin this journey of becoming ‘Gratisoul’ together!!


November 6, 2019 at 8:28 PM

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity! So proud of you. Thank you for sharing your awesome news!

Karen from OurCarpeDiem | https://OurCarpeDiem.com

November 6, 2019 at 8:48 PM

Congratulations! You’re an inspiration! It reminds me of the saying that “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no”, or something like that. I paraphrased. Anyway, I’m excited for you!

Julie | Darkbluejournal.com

November 7, 2019 at 4:32 AM

Congratulations.. Sounds so exciting..

Promila Verma
November 7, 2019 at 2:29 PM

Take your baby steps and you will definitely achieve your goals and dreams

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