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Have that Working Spirit like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As you might have guessed from the title, I am currently binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (P.S. I love watching amazing TV series/ movies in my free time) and this show has shown a fun and hilarious take on the lives of detectives and police officers in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

These detectives solve cases, handle their personal and professional lives and basically bond together as employees. Don’t worry I’ll not give out any spoilers by describing the entire plot of the series.

Then why am I telling you about this show? Keep on reading!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Admirable Work Enthusiasm

Brooklyn Nine Nine

What caught my attention apart from the plot was their enthusiasm and dedication to work. I mean in one episode their punishment was that their overtime will be canceled and nobody was allowed to work overtime. And they got so upset by it and fought back to get their overtime back.

I mean I know its just a fictional show but who does that? We in real-life crib about working our day jobs and they were cribbing about getting their overtime back. (That was the first thing that startled me)

They literally ‘Loved what they do’

Brooklyn 99

The second thing which made me question my life and life choices was when during one of the episodes, Jake Peralta (Aka Andy Samberg, the main protagonist of Brooklyn Nine-Nine show) was solving a case with his boss and it took them an entire night to solve the case and when they were leaving the office Jake exclaimed: “God I love my job!”

Who says that after spending an entire night at your workplace instead of relaxing at your home with your family and that too with such zeal? I definitely cant say that right now though!!

Because after watching that episode it made me realize how fun it might be for people who are this passionate about what they are doing with their lives?

Although I like what I am doing currently in my life that is blogging and working a day job simultaneously. But still, I need to find my ‘Jake Peralta moment’.

You gotta ‘be truly Passionate’

Netflix and Chill

Don’t just follow your passion, work hard for it. But before all that you need to find out what your passion is.

Most of us just want to skip all the hard work, brainstorming, and the tedious extra time of our life and just want to get the ‘rewards’. Well, life doesn’t work like that.

Do you want to live a life that you are passionate about? Then you gotta do hard work, accept struggles, success, and failure as they come and just grow with it.

So, find your passion, don’t settle for less when you were born to shine!

Who knew binge-watching a comedy TV series can teach you a life lesson? (Well, I can definitely turn anything into a motivational lesson, hence proved!)

Hoping that you’ll deeply introspect about your life choices. Find out your passion, work hard for it and then remember that GRATISOUL motivated you via Brooklyn Nine-Nine. (P.S. You should definitely watch this show if you are looking for a light comedy and some chill time #NotAnAd)

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Until then, live positively and happily!



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