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The Most In-Demand Jobs During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Hey Gratisouls! Since this 2020 ‘COVID-19’ year is about to end, I have a guest blogger for y’all who will talk about the most in-demand jobs during this pandemic. So, let’s welcome Artur Meyster!!

Guest Blog

The economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying lockdown is unprecedented, to say the least. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed down, and more than 36 million Americans have lost their jobs. Perhaps, what’s more, humbling is that no one knows when this will be over or if things will ever return to normal again. To provide some context, Goldman Sachs anticipated that the unemployment rate in the country might peak at 25 percent, worse than the worst period of the Great Depression.

Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, some skills have remained in demand during the pandemic. And if the world of work will experience permanent changes as predicted, things can only get better for these professionals. We’ll take a look at some of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic and why they have remained in demand.

Web Developers

Web Developer

Web traffic experienced up to a 70 percent spike during the peak of the lockdown. Since people are stuck at home, interacting online became the only way businesses can connect with their customers. Businesses that did not have a website had little choice but to build one, and those that had looked to optimize their offerings.

Unsurprisingly, e-commerce was at the heart of most integration efforts. Web developers were tasked with setting up online shops and integrating payment platforms for a wide array of businesses. People with cybersecurity experience and coding skills were considered even more valuable because companies had to ensure their customers had a hitch-free online shopping experience.


Covid-19 Job Change

Designers in this age can work in a vast array of industries. However, they appear to be most popular in the marketing and tech industries, and the demand for their skills is as high as ever. While common logic will tell you that the pandemic should see a reduction in businesses’ advertising budget, savvy entrepreneurs know that this shouldn’t be the case. When the business is experiencing a downturn, it becomes even more critical to get the word out. Thus, many business owners are employing designers who can come up with highly creative and inspiring ad campaigns for their business.

In the tech space, UI/UX demands have become more valuable than ever. People interact with the web and mobile applications like never before, and designers’ input is needed to ensure they have a memorable experience.  

Data Scientists

Covid-19 Job Change

Over the past few years, data scientists’ median base salaries have been rising. That’s because their supply hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand. However, the pandemic presents a conundrum for companies that rely on data scientists for crucial business decisions. Because there’s been no year like 2020 in recent memory, there’s very little data to help predict what will happen. As a result, many big companies have focused on reporting the present while putting a pause on advanced analytics.

Still, decision-makers know that data scientists will be crucial to their post-crisis recovery efforts. Consequently, furloughs or layoffs remain the exception for skilled data scientists. According to a recent study by Burtch Works, 67.7 percent of data scientists felt positive about their personal situation despite the pandemic. About 50 percent reported that the lockdown had no impact on their team’s hiring decisions. With 17 percent saying their team increased hiring during the crisis! Despite the marked disruption that has greeted every sector, top-tier talent in the data science space remains a hot cake.

Data Analysts

Much like data scientists, data analysts have also been affected by the need to make decisions quickly and for the short-term. The Burtch Works study cited above further reveals that 18 percent of organizations could not wait for proper analytics results to make key business decisions. However, 45 percent of the organizations studied still considered keeping their analytics teams a top priority.

Analysts working in the pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, banking, and medical devices industries have particularly enjoyed job security during the pandemic. If anything, most companies in these industries have strengthened their teams. The resilience of data analytics is owed to the need to gather useful data that will inform future decisions. Even if their output may have increased during this period, there’s much more to input. The fact that analysts can efficiently work from home further contributes to job security.

It should come as no surprise that all the jobs on this list are tech-related. Tech-jobs have been the most in-demand for a while, and the pandemic only consolidated their position at the top. Admittedly, some professions in the traditional sector have fared well enough. But hardly anyone has thrived as much as these uber-resilient jobs. If you’re yet to make a career decision, you can do no wrong by considering any of the professions highlighted above.

Happy New Year Gratisouls! Let’s hope that 2021 proves to be a comparatively good year!

Until then, live positively and happily!



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