Exhausting Work

If your Work is Exhausting you, then read this

Many of us spend our workdays running from desk to desk, solving urgent but insignificant problems. Our managers are constantly searching for ways to get more out of us. And we are just aimlessly exhausting ourselves.

We’re habitually living in the future, thinking about the next quota, to make, the next meeting, the next car to buy, the weekend. We’re constantly trying to get somewhere instead of being where we are.

We miss the only moment we ever have access to. The Now.

Introspect Your Life

Exhausting Life

We spend more time at work than with our loved ones. And when we come home, we are busier connecting to our devices than to the people we love.

We have become little more than zombies. Yet we wonder, ‘Why am I so tired?’ We figure it’s because we work too much.

What if we’re not doing too much, but rather we’re just doing too little of what truly matters?

Is your work-life really that exhausting?

Exhausting Work Life Balance

Every person sleeps for 7-8 hours, works for another 7-8 hours (this time gap can vary from person to person and their respective situations) and tries to maintain family and friendly relations with their loved ones in the left-over time.

It can get a bit tough to manage all of that altogether, I get it. But what is exhausting you the most? Have you ever tried to think about that?

Do you feel happy and satisfied at the end of your ‘productive day’ or feel exhausted and lethargic?

Are you avoiding people because you are too tired, or because you don’t want to meet them?

When was the last time you took out some time for yourself?

Your Priorities are Exhausting you


Maybe whatever you are prioritizing is making you dull and sad rather than uplifting you. Maybe you need to re-think your priorities and try to do more of what makes your soul feel alive.

‘It’s not hard work that exhausts us most, it’s meaningless work that exhausts us most.’

Re-think, re-focus and change what you dislike. Don’t exhaust yourself because this life is very precious and you should not waste it over meaningless things that don’t add any value to your life!

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