Self Confidence

3 Tips on How to be Unapologetically Yourself

Social media can get a bit judgmental and belittling people is a hobby for some! And people who lack a bit of self-confidence, their morale goes completely downhill. But why do we diss others and think that we are superior to them just because we made fun of them by belittling them? What’s “superior” in that?

If you lack confidence but also don’t want to change who you are and your true identity, then follow these 3 tips-:

Be a firm believer of Self-Love and Self-Confidence –

Self Confidence

I am a firm believer of self-love and nobody can take away/change my true-self. Since I have to portray myself as ‘Gratisoul’ on social media (which btw if you haven’t followed me, then you are missing out on some really cool positive vibes!!)

But despite that, I portray who I truly am in real life as well. I do not adhere to what “society wants me to be”. Because then I’ll lose the only USP that I have, ME! And I don’t want to just ‘fit-into’ society’s norms if I do not genuinely believe in them.

So, no matter what people think of you, say behind your back (or on your face) don’t lose your amazing self for them. It’ll never be worth it!

Give yourself that ‘pep-talk’-

Self Love

Losing your morale and self-confidence is a very human and natural thing. No matter if you get 100 positive feedbacks, your mind will automatically spiral over that 1 negative feedback and will make you think that maybe ‘you’re not worth it’.

I get it. But whenever you experience that situation, you have to lift yourself up. How? By giving yourself that ‘positive pep-talk’. You have to tell yourself that people’s opinion about you are their opinions (be it positive or negative).

It doesn’t define your true personality because no one knows who you truly are (not even your family). There are always parts of ourselves that we just can’t display to others, and that’s fine!

So, when nobody knows you 100%, their opinions are only based on what they see and think about that. And that’s fine.

Neither take the positive nor the negative opinions to your heart. Be neutral about both of them!

Nothing is Permanent-

How to be Confident

Both the good times and the bad ones are just temporary. So, when you feel low about someone else’s opinion on you, just remind yourself that it’s okay. People are opinionated. And whatever that you are feeling at that moment is just temporary.

You’ll eventually move on from that emotion. Everyone does! I know that that state of emotion is very disheartening, but life is not always colorful. You’ll have to experience every shade and embrace them as they come!

Just don’t adhere to society’s standards if you don’t believe in them 100%. Create your own rules. Be your own boss. Do what your heart thinks is right (until it’s not illegal!!).

And just be unapologetically yourself. Because you are worth everything good that has happened or will happen in your life! Even if nobody (including you) believes in you, just know that Gratisoul will always be rooting for you and will always believe in you (for what it’s worth and every single help counts, right?)

Also, if you have any life-related query to be resolved, just click on that side chat box and let’s bond over some #PositiveVibes!!

Until then, live positively and happily!!



Hey people! I am Karishma Verma but most people just call me Kaddie. I graduated in mid 2018. I am an engineer by profession and an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around myself amongst my people! I am a Gratisoul and would love to proliferate these upbeat vibes to folks across every possible age bracket. So, let’s begin this journey of becoming ‘Gratisoul’ together!!

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