Hey Gratisouls!! How have you been? I have exciting news for you guys!! I decided to do my first ever collaboration!!! A few days back I tweeted a post on my twitter about this collaboration and I am really grateful for the response I received from my fellow blogger friends!!

So, me along with 4 other Gratisouls around the globe are contributing towards my first series of Inspiring women!! (Yeah it’s a series and the title S01E01 depicts season 1, episode 1, because as you know your Gratisoul is a huge TV series buff (haha)!!) So this International Women’s Day that’s on March 8, 2019 (if you are unaware about the actual date), I’ll be posting one blog per day written by my talented gratisouls to celebrate Women Empowerment!! The theme that I decided was to tell us about their “One inspiring woman and why she is your inspiration”, so let’s begin this interesting series!!

Our first Blogger is Alecia Marie, she is a mom of 4 beautiful children and she blogs over
www.aleciamarie.blog . Let’s find out who is Alecia’s Inspirational Woman..


By the end of 2018, I had decided that I wanted to be more intentional in all aspects of my life. So, I created my overall goal for 2019, learning what living intentionally means and figuring out how to practice it every day.

Now for a few weeks, I hadn’t done anything towards living intentionally. I knew my goal, I hadn’t forgotten it, but there hadn’t been anything that kept it in my face. Until one random day on Twitter, and it’s random because I don’t spend a lot of time there, I saw a tweet about living intentionally. It’s from a blog that I try to read every so often when I see one of their tweets with a new blog post. It was Black Girl In Om.

While reading her post, my goal and lack of action towards my goal were tugging at me. And it truly felt like fate that I happened to be on Twitter at that time to see this post and read it. In that post was a book she had read about living intentionally. The book is called, Living with Intent by Mallika Chopra.

Living with intent  by Mallika Chopra

I had to have this book. This book has to be a missing piece of my puzzle and will surely teach me how to live life every day with more intent. So, I purchased it.

And this brings me to my inspirational woman.

Michelle Obama

Normally, I would easily answer this and say, Michelle Obama. I mean Michelle Obama for me is like the epitome of characteristics I want within myself as a black woman. However, after I began reading my new book and was asked to write this post, I came to the realization that Mallika Chopra is bringing me true inspiration at the moment.

I mean I’m just into the second chapter of my book, and I’ve started to incorporate more meditation in the past week than I’ve been able to do in the last year.

For anyone unfamiliar with Mallika Chopra, maybe you’ve heard of her dad, Deepak Chopra. He’s like the guru of alternative and holistic medicine and meditation. And with her dad being who he is Mallika felt a bit ashamed that she wasn’t living with more intent every day.

Mallika chopra

Her book was written to document her journey through meditation and trying to practice intention every day. Now, this is what I’ve read so far and this post is not a book review. However, I can’t help to be inspired by this woman from each page of this book that I read.


Being a mom with a stressful full-time job that starts making you wonder why you make the decisions you make. I mean she was yearning to figure out her purpose and to intentionally make decisions that allow her to bring more joy into her life. This is something I’m still trying to figure out myself.

Just reading her journey makes me want to close the book and practice what she’s doing. I’ve actually never read a book that’s inspired me so much to take action after each chapter I read. And I can’t wait to find more clarity in my life and figure out my true purpose by making more intentional decision each and every day.

If you loved this powerful and inspirational blogger, go show her some love!! You can follow her on the below mentioned links!!

Blog: Alecia Marie www.aleciamarie.blog

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aleciamarieblogs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aleciamarieblog

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/aleciamarieblogs

Until then live positively and happily!!



Hey people! I am Karishma Verma but most people just call me Kaddie. I graduated in mid 2018. I am an engineer by profession and an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around myself amongst my people! I am a Gratisoul and would love to proliferate these upbeat vibes to folks across every possible age bracket. So, let’s begin this journey of becoming ‘Gratisoul’ together!!


March 4, 2019 at 3:32 PM

Now I feel like I should get that book. Trying to live intentionally can be a daily struggle. I’m glad that found a way to start moving forward.

    March 4, 2019 at 4:20 PM

    I too want to read this book now!! Yeah that can be a struggle but if one masters this art they can do wonders!!
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views on the same!!

March 4, 2019 at 4:03 PM

Awwn, it’s so amazing that a woman can inspire people around the world. Despite some tasks at home she still blooms with balancing other areas too. Thanks for this piece

The rolling Dj
March 5, 2019 at 1:24 AM

Great stuff … Looking forward to reading more such series … I hope season 2 has inspirational men also … Although I wish the blogs had a little more insight on the topics covered ..still they r something I look forward to everyday so thanku for that

    March 5, 2019 at 12:14 PM

    Haha thank you so much for your suggestion about inspiring men!! I’ll definitely do something about that too soon!! And I’ll also try to add more insight to my blogs so that you could relate to it!!
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinions!!

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