Blur Life

It’s all a Blur Before it gets Clear

Have you ever solved those multiple-choice question paper? How did you feel about it? I used to feel so confused because every option seemed correct to me if I didn’t know the answer and was just guessing or asking for help from one of my friends who were equally confused. The correct option seems like a blur if you don’t know what’s right or wrong and are Hella confused.

I think that just like those MCQ papers, our life too is like that somewhat. We get options, we chose one and sometimes it turns out to be the best decision of our lives and sometimes it totally changes our life in a bad way.

Every Option is a Blur, except ‘THE ONE’

Blur Life Options

Since you’ll have a variety of blur options, you’ll have to decide what is the best option for you in the long term.

For example, if you have an exam or an important meeting tomorrow, but the night before that your friends called you to party with them.

Now, even though your heart wants to party and just want to leave all your stress behind. Your mind knows that if you go to that party, you’ll wake up late tomorrow, get all stressed out because you didn’t do your last-minute preparations and then you’ll regret your decision to even go to that party on the first place.

 So, choose what’s best for the long term and not for the short term because your decisions can leave an ever-lasting impact on your life.

Long-Term Decisions Over Short- Term Infatuation

Life Choices

You have to choose wisely here. You’ll have to see what aligns with your personality, your goals, and your ambitions.

Now, those short-term decisions can be very enticing, I get it. But if you think that you’ll not regret your hurried decision-making skills, then I’ll say go for it.

But how to chose amongst those blurry options to make our path clearer?

Think Before you Decide

Blur Life Decisions

The only way to remove all that blurriness is by just going with your gut feeling. But also stick to your principles and morals simultaneously.

You know sometimes going with our instincts can do wonders for us. But sometimes our gut feeling can make us do some immoral things which we wouldn’t have done in the first place.

So, whenever you’ll be in a situation with a lot of blurred options, just think with your instincts and chose with your morals.

It’s always a combination of heart and mind. Align them together and your path will become clear.

I hope I was able to convince you to follow your heart and your mind simultaneously. Because that will lead you to a clear future ahead.

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