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South African Christmas Traditions

I hope you are enjoying my guest blog series on Christmas Traditions around the globe!! If you have missed out on how people in Denmark, Europe celebrate Christmas then you can follow the link-:

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Now from Denmark, let’s travel to South Africa, shall we? Let’s welcome our second guest blogger Minenhle Khazi in our Gratisoul Community. She is a South African journalism student and a part-time reader.

Let’s see how people in South Africa celebrate Christmas!!

South African Christmas Traditions with Minenhle

African Christmas

We all know that Christmas is about spending time together as a family. It is a day that is usually filled with love and laughter.

People all around the world celebrate Christmas differently. People have started their own traditions in order to make Christmas extra special.

Black South Africans have created their own unique yet funny traditions. Every black South African knows that it is not Christmas unless there is a box of the Choice Assorted biscuit ranges in the house.

The tangy Lemon Creams and Strawberry Wafers make the day extra special. In America, it is said that children walk door to door asking for candy during Halloween.

Well, in South Africa children walk door to door wishing all their neighbors a Merry Christmas. The children are then given biscuits as a way to say thank you.

Soaking in All the Festive Vibes

Christmas Tradition

Everyone goes all out for Christmas. People want to eat food that is mouthwatering. There is a tradition that was created by less fortunate families. Since most people cannot afford to buy expensive groceries during the year.

They tend to go all out during Christmas. A typical South African Christmas lunch/dinner would be rice, lamb curry or beef stew with lots of salads.

The coleslaw is the one salad that is always on the menu. You can just imagine how colorful our plates are during Christmas. This is why South Africans have come up with a playful name for the food, which is “7 colors”.

Hilarious Christmas Traditions

South African Christmas

Lastly, another hilarious tradition is kids dressing up in the trendiest clothes. It is now imperative that children under the age of 13 dress up in more or less the same type of clothing and do similar hairstyles.

It is not that parents call a meeting and sit down and decide to do this. This happens because it is now every child’s Christmas wish to wear what has been trending during the year and to braid their hair like their favorite celebrity.

I remember in 2017, every child in my neighborhood wore camouflage printed pants. It was cute, weird and funny at the same time. To be honest, as a child this was my favorite tradition.

I loved the fact that I got to dress up in new clothes and braid my hair the way that I wanted to.

As years go by new traditions will be created and I cannot wait to experience them. Our traditions are not the same however they all make Christmas special for us.

I just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. 

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